Appetizer (Bread and itches)


  • crispy cannelloni organic vegetables km0 and briquette with flower petals
  • Cannelloni with bechamel grandfather Joan mushroom and foie
  • Goat cheese salad with nuts and honey mustard vinaigrette
  • Catalan salad
  • "Xató" of Penedes
  • Our eco vegetables…
  • Carpaccio of duck breast with Parmesan shavings and reduced “Tempranillo”
  • Recommendation of the Cook…
  • Fideuá ( at least two people)



  • cod au gratin with romesco.
  • Grilled octopus on a bed of potatoes masked
  • Pescado del día…
  • Baked pork cheeks with reduced Merlot
  • Wild boar stew wine and chocolate.
  • Conchinillo roast ( Supplement 7 €)
  • Mountain rice ( at least two people )
  • Sirloin 400 gr. with grilled vegetables (Supplement 7 €)
  • Today's Grill…

Homemade desserts

Drinks not included. Price per person: 25€ VAT included


(Menu for all guests at the table. at least two)

Montadito Iberian ham

Trio of cheeses with apple jam Pontons

Foie Micuit house with tortilla chips

Grandfather Joan croquettes

Squids to the Roman beach

Codfish our

Prawns salt

Ladle cover

Txangurro baked shell

Montadito octopus with paprika

Wild boar stew in red wine and chocolate

To end a small dessert of the day

Drinks not included. Price per person: 35€ VAT included



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