Pontons es el pueblo más elevado del Alt Penedés to 632 m de altitud. Con sus riscos y acantilados, rompe un poco con la estampa de los viñedos propios de los pueblos de la comarca y se acerca más a la imagen de un rincón de montaña.

It is located in the northwestern boundary of the Alt Penedés and is adjacent to the terms of the Llacuna, Querol, Aiguamurcia, Montmell y Torrelles de Foix. El pico de les Solanes (914 m), el del Mas Fonoll (794 m) y las rocas del Pany (712 m) se cuentan entre los picos más altos de la comarca. Most of the term remains forests. The economy is based on farming and tourism.

In a medieval document of the year 996, there is a reference to the term structuring certifies the late X. In 1271, Pontoon castle was placed in the hands of Pedro Infante, son of James I, he sold it to monsaterio of Santes Creus.

You can enjoy its urban, Profile of narrow streets and sloping, of the house built around the torrent of Pontoon and Chapel of the Merce, modernist neo temple built in 1945.

Leaving the urban core, You can encaminaros to the Church of Santa Magdalena, Point that offers a beautiful view of the place. You can also visit the Romanesque chapel of Sant Joan de la Muntanya, suspended dramatically over the peak of Fonoll.

Among the highlights farmhouses But fortified manor village of Pontoon (s.XVII-XVIII), three kilometers of the Church of Santa Magdalena.

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