Gentlemen customers note that all activities outside the hotel are our partners,  external companies will be happy to please them.

  • Wine tasting courses for wine lovers. An area winemaker us into this wonderful journey. Price per person € 25
  • "I saw Route cava". Guided tasting with games aromas and textures. +2 visits to wineries of the area, 50€ per person.
  • Hunts. We have an intensive hunting 2 km from the house: partridge, pheasant, quail, midseason, ojeos and roe deer and wild boar aguardos of. All inclusive. [more T.938987053]
  • Bicycle Routes: for lovers of the sport, Free bike hire 20 € only all day.
  • OUT IN BICYCLE Guided, insurance, broom car, helmet…half day €45 per person , includes visiting caves and tasting.
  • Hiking, marked routes to enjoy beautiful landscapes, If you prefer guided op aanvraag.
  • Area mushrooms, the best search engines will just love in Pontoon, If you prefer guided check prices.
  • Cistercian Route: monasteries, castles, also fortified farmhouses for culture lovers. If you prefer to guide and transport €95 per person (It includes monuments entrance fees and lunch)
  • Discover the classic Barcelona Private Guide, a fascinating journey through history € 125 per person ( includes tickets)
  • Horse-riding couple € 75 90 minutes, a guide from the esquela riding Cassoles Can accompany them on a tour of the farm Flatter , A unique setting to enjoy its beauty. Suitable for beginners riding.
  • Quads TT, 75€ per person 2 hours, must have driver's license and most of 18 years. A quad per person.
  • Pairings, tastings and dinners sensitive from €55 per person.
  • 4 output×4  PRICE €75 per person. Outside 4 people. Tour of the landscapes of the Penedès vineyards, duration 4 hours approx. with tasting of 5 wines in cellar and aperitif.
  • SPECIALIZED MASSAGE wine therapy and cavaterápia (see section treatments)

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